OpenOffice is the open source version of Microsoft Office


At the present time, every organization is looking for a more cost effective application to attain the desired success in the tough competition of business area.  When the organization came to profit and highly cost effective at that time, Open office application at the top priority.  Actually, Open office applications are the best possible alternative to prepare and maintain word documents, presentations, and other components of documentation.

There are many times when the user saves its documents in another version and sometimes want to open in other software and unable to open. It gives an error that couldn’t open existing file.  
Generally the user cannot make any changes in software according to its need.

Now a day’s all these problems can solve with the new open office software. This open office is the open source version of Microsoft Office.  Open Office is free to use.  It means that the open source software is free to use who wants to download it.  The user can make any changes according to its need.  Open source software is not a new concept. This concept is developed at late 80’s but was called freeware or shareware.

Open office free to download. The user need not to pay anything to use this software.  Any documents or file saved in another office program can be easily read, opened and easily make changes in open office.

The Apache open office open source software program has many templates and extensions. The new function that adds an open office is some add-ons and the templates. The user can download these add-ons and templates according to their need.